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30 Long Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Headquartered in Germany , over the years we have progressively improved our Research & Development and Production to align the continuous demand with new technology advancement of machinery and automotive industry. 

While we focus on improving the performance and durability using our products, the ultimate objective is to be part of the global initiatives to improve our climate by reducing carbon emissions.

Our Products

We are the industry leader and produce the most reliable and effective solution you are looking for.


We manufacture additives that can be used in all engines and aggregates with a cooling water circuit. Suitable for cast iron and and all-aluminium engines

Motors & Gear Motors

We manufacture additives for Two and Four-stroke engines. Otto, diesel and Wankel engines. Injection systems and carburettor types. Naturally aspirated and supercharged engines. Catalytic converter systems and particle filters

Additives to Improve Fuel Quality and Engine Performance

to improve fuel quality according to DIN/EN 590 and RME, PME and other biofuels. For all soot particle filters (with and without urea solution), all catalytic converter systems (Oxi, NOx storage and SCR), all naturally aspirated and supercharged engines, all injection, direct injection, pump-nozzle and common rail systems.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect additives for all your industry needs.

Our Focused Industries

Industries We Serve

We offer and collaborate for special projects and meet your technical specifications. Our research & development team will work hand in hand with your team and deliver wholesale and OEM  more

We offer additives for large and high capacity machineries specifically to improve and  maintaining performance. Lower processing temperatures and remove significant reduce carbon emission more

We offer additives for various engines for fuel enhancement and efficiency, improving engine performance and reducing carbon emissions. more

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