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Cooling system cleaner

Can be used in all engines and units with a cooling water circuit. Suitable for cast iron and all-aluminum engines.

What Happens when Eurosol is introduced to your Systems and Engines :-

  • Permanently eliminates all operational residues from the cooling system
  • Decomposes rust, lime (scale)
  • Dissolves and binds radiator sludge
  • Combines oil and cooling water into a stable emulsion
  • Lubricates and protects valves and water pumps during cleaning
  • Maintains seals, rubber hoses and the metal parts in the cooling system

Benefits :-

  • Optimum cooling and heating performance
  • No oil foam formation in the cooling system
  • Longer service life of the aggregates


Use EUROSOL cooling system cleaner for every coolant change prescribed by the manufacturer and repairs where oil gets into the coolant. Bring the entire cooling system up to operating temperature, then drain off all of the coolant. In the case of extreme contamination from engine oil, increase the dosage and repeat the application if necessary. 

In the case of stubborn dirt caused by rust and lime (scale deposits), allow the product to act in the cooling system overnight.

A bottle (350 ml) of EUROSOL cooling system cleaner is sufficient for a maximum of 10 liters of coolant. 

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