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Eurosol Three Protection is applicable in all

  • Two and four stroke engines
  • Otto, diesel and Wankel engines
  • Injection systems and carburettor types
  • Naturally aspirated and supercharged engines
  • Catalyst systems and particle filters
  • Essential for all vintage and collectors’s vehicles

What Happens when Eurosol is introduced to your Systems and Engines :-

  • Reduces friction and wear in the entire fuel system, in the upper cylinder area and in the crank mechanism of two-stroke engines
  • Reliably and sustainably protects against rust and corrosion, from the tank to the cylinder area to the exhaust system and in the crank mechanism of two-stroke engines
  • Protects safely and sustainably over long periods of time thanks to organic active ingredient technology
  • For sheet metal and aluminum tanks
  • Free of solids such as zinc and calcium
  • Reliably and sustainably protects all injection systems, carburetor types, injection nozzles, fuel flow dividers, control pistons, petrol and diesel pumps and pressure control valves from wear and corrosion
  • Reliably and successfully lubricates and protects valve seats against impact, even at high engine speeds
  • Maintains and protects all membranes, rubber and plastic parts in the fuel system
  • Works more effectively than lead

Benefits :-

  • Significant increase in service life of all aggregates
  • No rust in the petrol and diesel tank
  • Prolong service life of the exhaust system
  • No valve hitting in the valve seat
  • Permanent preservation of the components for a long service life

APPLICATION  Standard :-

Compatible with all types of petrol, diesel and biofuel (DIN EN 228, 590, ethanol, RME, PME)




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