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All Petrol , Diesel and Wankel Engines

Also suitable for automatic and manual transmissions, power steering, hydraulic and central hydraulic systems, differentials and ultra-fine filter systems.

What Happens when Eurosol is introduced to your Systems and Engines :-

  • Removes operational contamination and gumming in the entire oil and lubrication circuit
  • Removes residues in the area of ​​the piston rings
  • Neutralizes harmful engine acids
  • Is easily disposed of with the waste oil (SOLVENT-FREE)
  • Maintains and protects all rubber and plastic seals

Benefits :-

  • New, fresh oil in a clean engine
  • Reduces oil and fuel consumption
  • Improved engine performance
  • Less wear of the aggregates
  • Compliance with the prescribed exhaust gas limits
  • Longer Catalyst Life
  • Minimize hydraulic valve lifter noise

APPLICATION  Standard :-

Before each oil change, add EUROSOL OIL system to the used engine oil. Let the engine run for about 10 minutes. Then change the oil and filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. When using ultra-fine filter systems, only change the filter insert and top up used engine oil with EUROSOL high-performance oil.

EUROSOL oil system protects the engine during the cleaning process with highly effective anti-wear components.

A bottle (400 ml) of EUROSOL oil system is sufficient for a maximum of 6 liters of oil.

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