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For Petrol, Diesel and Wankel Engines

Can be used in all petrol, diesel and Wankel engines. Suitable for all types of fuel and gas, as well as for all manual transmissions, differentials and fine filter systems.

Additive oil developed on the basis of the specification releases of all engine and automobile manufacturers, refined with special active ingredients and high-performance lubricating components with extreme adhesion for emergency and smooth-running properties.

Benefits :-

  • Minimize engine, hydraulic valve filter and transmission noise
  • Minimize oil & fuel consumption
  • Improved engine performance
  • Protect against hot mud
  • Prevents Deposits
  • Compliance with the prescribed exhaust gas limits
  • Maintains and protects seals
  • Lowers the exhaust gas values
  • Functional guarantee for high catalyst mileage

APPLICATION (Workshop ) Standard :-

Add EUROSOL high-performance oil to the new engine oil after every oil change. Also particularly recommended for topping up the used engine oil and when using off-line fine filter systems

APPLICATION (Consumer / Retail ) Standard :-

A bottle (400 ml) of EUROSOL high-performance oil is sufficient for a maximum of 10 liters of oil. In manual transmissions and differentials, replace 10% of the transmission oil with EUROSOL high-performance oil.

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